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Frequently asked questions.

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How is Michael different?

  1. Michael is already working on initiatives even before primaries. He wants to take steps to protect and help Nebraska even if he is not elected. His team is aready working on initiatives for the ballot to put power back in the hands of Nebraskans.
  2. Michael is not asking for donations.
  3. Michael personally responds to his emails (connely2022@gmail.com)
  4. Michael is continuously active in speaking engagements all across Nebraska. He drives to rural counties to speak with everyone no matter how small of community. He is planning on personally going to every district to talk with anyone who is interested in restoring Nebraska.
  5. He does not employ anyone for his campaign. Everyone who volunteers for him believes in the changes we can do together.
  6. If you wish to arrange a speaking engagement in your community or district, he is all ears and will love to meet the community, no matter how small.

What is an initiative?

An initiative is a law or constitutional amendment introduced by citizens through a petition process either to the legislature or directly to the voters. A popular referendum is a process by which voters may petition to demand a popular vote on a new law passed by the legislature.

The initiatives being signed will appear on the ballot and give the voters a chance to change the laws.

To get these initiatives on the ballot, we need 7% of the registered voters to sign. For a constitutional amendment, 10% must sign. For a referendum, there needs to be 5% of voters signing. Signatures must also be collected from at least 5% of voters from 38 counties.

Michael is trying to pass initiatives that really matter to our state regardless of whether he wins the gubernatorial election. We are not asking for donations but we are asking for volunteers to help get the initiatives signed.

For official information about the process, click here.

How is the government in Nebraska different?

Nebraska is a Unicameral State, meaning that we have a single house of lawmakers instead of a Senate and Legislature, making the system unique and efficient.

What are the costs associated with volunteering for initiatives?

The only costs are for printing the papers for signatures. That’s it!

How long do we have for getting signatures?

We have to get initiavtes signed in seven months after approval.

Where can I get more information about volunteering?

For volunteers, you can by joining the volunteer group on Facebook here.