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Kyle Rittenhouse

Kyle Rittenhouse

Kyle Rittenhouse… WHAT IS NOT BEING SAID!

Kyle was a 17-year-old lifeguard. He saw a problem situation and went to assist. Kyle was even helping to clean off graffiti. There are some individuals who have a strong desire to defend and protect those around them. Kyle is one of those individuals, a guardian.

Imagine a flock of sheep, wolves everyone, and one lone sheepdog goes in to help protect the sheep. Kyle Rittenhouse stepped up to serve and protect the people when the police fell short of their duties. He was armed because he knew the area was dangerous; He took precautions. The trial should have never happened.

In Nebraska, would something like this happen? Remember Jake Gardner (still angry about that)? Ours did not turn out as well. There are multiple initiatives that are waiting for the SOS office to type them up so we can make them official. These are initiatives that help bring back the severely eroded 2nd Amendment right, one that we are barely clinging to. These initiatives are part of the “Restore the Good Life” Initiatives. For those who are wondering, I only wrote ONE of the 2nd Amendment initiatives. Four of them are not mine.

This is a GROUP effort to sidestep our often inefficient legislature. There are many of us working on this, and the number is growing. Will you join us and volunteer to help get signatures? If you are VERY passionate and want to be in charge of an entire area, we still have manager spots as well that need filled.

Kyle is a protector who went to help. He was attacked by people who were not good people. He defended himself from potentially severe bodily injury or death. You CAN also have that right. Join us to make sure that you and others never suffer through what Kyle Rittenhouse did.

It does not matter who you support for Governor, what matters is giving a voice back to the people.

Michael Connely, Restore the Good Life

P.S. If you want to help fight for YOUR freedoms, comment below and note what you want to help with. We will then bring you into our Volunteer Group where you will work directly with an Area manager.

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