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Is the impossible possible?

Is the impossible possible?

You have heard that there are 2 types of people in the world, those who see the glass as half full, and those who see the glass as half empty. There are a few more.

The extremely negative ones are more like this “We only have a little water left, we will die of thirst.” You have seen these types. ONLY a huge tanker of water (for politicians it is a truckload of money) can possibly save them.

Next we have the extremely optimistic ones “We are saved…we have water.” Extreme optimism is refreshing, but it does sometimes miss small points that need to addressed. At some point that water will run out. In the Vietnam war, it was the very optimistic prisoners who did not survive. They would say things like “I know our government will save us and we will be home by Christmas.” Christmas, then spring, then the following summer would come, and nobody saved them. These extremely optimistic ones died of despair.

Last… there is the resourceful type of person, the one who finds different and often more effective ways to get done what is needed. This person says “Where did the glass come from? Who put in the water? Why is the water half full? Is there something wrong with this glass? Are there other containers that could be used? What are all the possible water sources that we can utilize… etc. etc. You get my point. These people find new and creative ways to solve problems.

Now I have questions to pose…. what is YOUR opinion? Let’s see which type YOU are!

1. You want to apply for a job overseas. The requirements are that you must have a 4-year college degree and 2 years of college Japanese. This job begins in 8 months. There are 6,000 highly qualified applicants trying to get 500 open positions. You have no language training and only 1 1/2 years of college completed. Should you apply for the job? Is there any way you can possibly get this job?

2. You are in the military, in a military occupational specialty that is overfilled and the administration department tells you it takes 7 years to be an E-5 (Sgt). Can you become a Sergeant sooner than 7 years? Is it possible?

3. You want to get a field operations job (lowest level work) in the government. All the field workers’ positions are filled and there is a pool of individuals waiting for the jobs to open. All the management positions had been filled months earlier. Should you even bother applying for the job, bother taking the exam for the test?

For those who do not know me… I am the resourceful type, one who does not just think outside of the box. I think outside of the room. I have spoken to a few political planners (not in Nebraska) and when I told them of some of my plans, every one of them looked stunned, with most of them saying “Wow” or “Holy ….” and other related remarks. There IS more than one way to skin a rat.

So, before I give MY comments on the 3 questions, tell me what YOU think. There ARE individuals here who would say

#1 No, not possible. #2 No not possible and #3 Do not bother trying. Go ahead and tell me what YOU think.

Michael Connely

P.S. Remember that YOU as the citizens of Nebraska have tremendous power, if you will JUST use it.

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