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Call to Action for Candidates

Call to Action for Candidates

So Much to Write … TOO Much to Write I want to comment on all the places where I have spoken over this past week: Bellevue, Seward, Kearney, North Platte, Chase County, Ogallala, Sidney, Scottsbluff, Lincoln, Franklin …. but there are too many things to say and my posting is severely limited by the powers of .ace..ok.

I want to comment on Afghanistan and how Resident B could change this disaster into one of the biggest victories we have ever had by taking just a handful of specific actions, but that would be pointless, because it will not happen, so disgustedly, there is no point even discussing it.

I would like to say THIS though, I am having MANY people approach me, message me, email me, and all of them saying the same thing. “I do not want the stick, but I will be fired if I do not comply.”Tomorrow, I will be at the Tri-County Event in Doniphan, near Grand Island. It is a fundraiser that one of the leaders of the GOP promised me would be for the benefit of conservative candidates. Hmm perhaps. To attend this dinner with some conservative guests, there are various donations you can give. $20 to get in and have food, $100 to have your name spoken over the mic, $500 to have your name spoken, and to have a table for all your brochures, and I can imagine it runs $1,000 or more to be one of the event sponsors as Pillen, Herbster, and a few others are.

Those of you who know me, know that I STRONGLY despise fundraising events. What about the little guy who wants to go, ask questions of the candidates, but would have a hard time coughing up ANY extra money just to have that chance. To me, the VIP people are the ones that are in the crowd, those who step up and take action while others only talk. I do not care for the type who both pander for your dollars and tell you “I will gladly pay you on Tuesday for a cheeseburger today”.

So, why am I attending this event? I want to see WHICH candidates will take ONE simple action. This small simple action is to sign a paper; one that I will have my signature already on. This will be the letter on medical freedom.I believe most of you have read my letter stating that my medical freedom initiative is (one of the MOST popular of all the initiatives) almost guaranteed to become law in Nebraska. This protects people from forced or coerced medical treatments of any kind [including losing one’s job over not getting the stick].

My initiative will have teeth. IT will be a felony charge against any leaders of any organization that require the stick. I DO NOT LIKE GOVERNMENT ROBBING FREEDOMS. Control of your body is your most sacred freedom. If the government forces you to lose control over your body by a forced medical procedure, that is intolerable to me. If I make it into the government, I will want to PERSONALLY slap the handcuffs on those who show NO respect for the Nuremberg Code of 1947 (medical freedom international law which I believe was NOT ratified by the USA).

I will take MY letter to every candidate for governor and ask them if they are willing to GUT UP and sign it as a promise to severely punish any executives or officials who force or coerce the stick (you know aborted baby cell lines were used in the development right….)Let’s see WHO cares, and who does not. I DO not want to say… “See I am better.” I SINCERELY want every candidate to sign the paper. HELL I will put my name on the top, or bottom or middle or wherever so it does not even look like my letter. We NEED this. If you lose your body… that is everything. I hope ALL candidates will sign this letter, so we can send to radio stations and newspapers across the state.

Imagine how AWESOME it would be if those taking your freedoms KNEW by doing so they would have a 100% chance of taking a vacation in Club Nebraska.

Michael Connely

P.S. In the comments, suggest where, among the list of candidates, I should put my name so as not to appear to be the leader, which may scare everyone from signing. Suggestions?

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  1. Carleen Barger says:

    There will be a rally September 19th organized by Nebraskans Against Government Overreach. I suggest you be there.

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