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What will I do if I lose the primary?

What will I do if I lose the primary?

It is my turn to answer the question. What will I do if I lose the primary?

Well, by the time the primary rolls around, I will have grown my personal patriot force of action-oriented individuals. I will continue to work with them to make sure that our initiatives get onto the ballot. We have until about the end of June 2022 to get everything turned in.

As for the person who does win, I will make sure that he is aware of ALL the initiatives we have in the pipeline, and I will give him my very long list of other important problems that need to be accomplished, including MY platform for governor. For those of you who are wondering. I have not even spoken of the details of my platform. When I started this race for governor, there were SO many acute problems facing Nebraskans (thank you Resident B with your CCP funding) that it became necessary to push initiatives first. One must not think about how you can take actions to affect your longevity if you are bleeding out from a massive gash. FIRST, you stop the bleeding, then, you worry about the future. WE are bleeding out right now. That MUST come first.

My platform is “Securing and Safeguarding the Future of Nebraska.” I will PUSH this very important agenda of mine to whoever does win if it is not me. Whoever wins the Republican Primary is almost guaranteed to be the next Governor of Nebraska.

After the initiatives are all officially submitted, I will begin working on the 2024 initiatives. If we can get 30 the first time, why not try 60 the next time. The army of patriots will already be in place. As for the legislature, the individuals who score high on my vetting process will get assistance from me and any outside organization that I can recruit to help us.

I want to take out the donkeys and Rinos. IF you are a strong-minded liberty-loving individual, and if you can afford financially to take off 4 months of the year to help Nebraska, please step up. Next, I intend to recruit hundreds from the patriot forces we are assembling (hopefully bored retired individuals) to do video monitoring of all ballot drop boxes. If there is someone who drops a load of ballots, I want video evidence of the drop, the individual, and the vehicle details.

Hopefully, the legislature can get rid of most of the ways to cheat in an election before. I would hate to have my very popular initiatives wiped out at the ballot box because of a coordinated e.ection f.aud. (Must be selective about my words to appease the .ace..ok boys)Personally, I will then work to start my conservative/liberty-oriented private school. It was scheduled to begin in August 2020 but the CCP .irus messed up those plans. Some may not know this, but for nearly 2 decades I was the educational director of the top-rated English language school in Japan for 1-18-year-olds. (Yes they start at 1 year old).

That reminds me, the best teachers I ever had were not certified, teachers. One was a Canadian photographer, and the other was a man who had dropped out of high school to work and take care of his ill mother. They were head and shoulders above the rest. AS my private school will be, the teachers are hired on their actual abilities to teach, not a paper from a University.

I will also continue to develop my small farm and work on my new … Classics and Conservative Books Publishing Company… “Olde School Publishing”. Conservatives need to have a place where they can publish their books, and not be censored by big tech such as Amazon.

Last and not least, if Breland Ridenour also loses in the Primary, I will go up to his church, grab him with his guitar in hand, (personally, I am a piano guy) twist his arm and convince him to run for a US Congressional seat in 2024.

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