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Goodbye, Nebraska Department of Education.

Goodbye, Nebraska Department of Education.

I want it.  YOU want it. #238
Goodbye Nebraska Department of Education
Let me remind you of what “Restore the Good Life” Initiatives are all about. Citizens can write laws, jump through a few technical hoops, get LOTS of signatures and have those laws placed on the ballot for people to vote on. That is what I and my team are doing.
There are a handful of specific rules that must be followed, but I will not get into them here. JUST remember that when I come to your county, sign my initiatives, help volunteer if you can, so we can get them on the ballot.
NOW, let’s look specifically at why I say you want #238. The current Nebraska Constitution (2nd one we have had) was adopted in 1875. Since that time it has been amended 237 times. The #238 time is one you REALLY want. Keep reading to see why!
Irate parents have been having constant meetings with the State Board of Education, but all the concerns and complaints have fallen on deaf ears. It is obvious that there is a huge powerful force that is driving their determination to ignore the parents.
Why else would these individuals stand against the massive onslaught of Nebraska citizens who are trying to protect the innocence of their children; and trying not to have their children labeled as either oppressors or victims simply on the basis of their skin color.
Many people have been looking at finding replacements for those who are making these bizarre and immoral decisions. It is simply not enough to get rid of the rot in this forest we call the Department of Education. We MUST do more. If the forest has parasitic fungus growing on all the trees, you do not spend your time trying to scrape off the fungus.
Welcome to Restore the Good Life Initiatives #7 and #8

7 Hello Office of Education

“An Office of Education is to be created. Said office’s function is to certify teachers and to research and make available to Nebraska schools, the very best curriculum and teaching methodologies available worldwide. This office is to be comprised of no more than 5 total individuals, 2 of whom must be curriculum design specialists appointed by the governor and confirmed by the legislature.”


“The Nebraska Board of Education, State School Board, State Education Commissioner, and all associated positions both elected and hired are to be dissolved and removed from the structure of the Nebraska government. All materials, programs, and funds will be reallocated to the Office of Education.”
I want this one on the 2022 ballot even more than I want the Medical Freedom (no required Vax) and 2nd Amendment initiatives. It will be harder though. Most of our initiatives are merely laws that will require me to get about 90,000 signatures.
Getting rid of the Education Department (think of the massive decrease in your taxes as well) will require a constitutional change (#238) and I will need about 126,000 signatures.
We already have many volunteers who have listed their counties in the comments, when this initiative information was previously posted. If you have not listed your county in the comments previously, do so now. I will have my county leaders contact you. There are some counties that have NO leaders yet. Maybe YOU can become that leader.
The initiatives (there are about 30 of them now) will be turned in to the Secretary of State in a couple of weeks to begin the process. Hopefully all the red tape will be done by the time I make my first rounds throughout Nebraska.
Currently I am in Japan researching Hydrogen Power Systems, as I believe for security reasons, that Nebraska needs to have its own power grid (imagine digital not analog). After that I have appointments in Texas and Florida (Nebraska specific work), then I will start meeting groups in mid-August.
If you are in these areas, stop by and sign up on my checklist indicating what YOU can do to help Nebraska. In full disclosure, I am one of the 5 candidates for the governor of Nebraska in the 2022 May 10 Election. This is NOT my campaign. This is work that needs to be done NOW for Nebraska.
There is no time to wait until after the elections in 2022 before we begin to move on fixing these problems. There is no time to discuss positions. We must act now! Step up and help me do it. YOU take the power.

Michael Connely – Restore the Good Life

P.S. There are other media sites now where …Restore the Good Life… has a presence, thanks to some wonderful and ambitious individuals who have much more technical expertise than me. I encourage you all to search for …Restore the Good Life… on the following social media sites: TLBTalk, Parler, Gab, Telegram, and CloutHub.
TLB Talk is a Nebraska Home Grown Social Media site that was set up by our very own Allie French and her team. Allie French is on my DREAM TEAM list of liberty minded patriots who will be running for the Nebraska State Senate in 2022.
I want it.  YOU want it. #238

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