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County Sheriff

County Sheriff

Do you know YOUR county sheriff?
If you do not, you should. Here is why…

When applying for a Nebraska Firearm purchase certificate (generally signed by the Sheriff of the county) I had an interesting conversation with the Sheriff of York County (now retired).
He told me that when our Pre-Trump Resident was in office, he got a call from the Feds. They asked him if he would be willing to cooperate in registering every gun-owning resident of his county.
He told them that he absolutely would not.
”How do they know who has weapons,” remarked the Feds.
”I assume everyone is packing and just act accordingly,” stated the York County Sheriff.
Then the Feds asked him if he would cooperate if they ordered him to confiscate the weapons of everyone who was not a law enforcement officer.
He told them that if he were required to confiscate the weapons of all non law enforcement citizens, that he would ask all gun owners to report to the sheriffs office so he could deputize them.
THAT is the type of sheriff that we need in every county in Nebraska. SO, do you know who YOUR sheriff is and what he or she believes as an individual?
If you do not, FIND OUT!

Michael Connely

P.S. In the comments below, note your county and who the sheriff is and your opinion on him or her. It is essential that we have ONLY conservative patriotic law enforcement. If you do not know your Sheriff, FIND OUT WHO IT IS!

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