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China: Friend or Foe

China: Friend or Foe

That should be an easy question to answer. Our computer systems are constantly being hacked. There are rumors of riots being funded by Chinese shell companies. Nearly every court case in the world court is someone against China.
Our news media take millions from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), our Universities (even Nebraska) get funding from the CCP so their agendas can be promoted.


In the military, on our aircraft, there is a little box called the IFF box. It is “Information Friend or Foe”. Every day, these boxes are hand-coded with a secret code that is shared with all our military.
When our planes fly, they can see this IFF signal and tell from more than 10 miles away who is the friend and who is not the friend. Those who do not beep the correct IFF signal are shot down.
For civilians, we have OUR type of IFF system. It is called the mass media, the university systems, the lobbyists, the socialist and race hate agenda pushers.
This is a step-by-step program that is a standard military intelligence field operation designed to wreak havoc in a country so it implodes and will be easier to conquer.
The information you see on the media is VERY similar to the Nazi propaganda infiltration during World War II. I personally read many Life magazines (not the real ones but Nazi propaganda designed to look like LIFE) that are eerily similar to what our mass media is publishing now.
We have been COMPLETELY infiltrated. We have to weed out this infiltration starting in Nebraska. Then, when we establish OUR state as the conservative strong point in the nation. We can slowly spread our patriotic influence out to the rest of the country, but it must start here at home.

Restore the Good Life Initiative #9

“All public education institutions in the State of Nebraska including preschools, elementary schools, junior high schools, high schools, public colleges and universities cannot accept any funding from any institution that is funded by or controlled by the CCP or any other government hostile to the USA. Willful violation of this rule will result in the dismissal of all administrative personnel who received or accepted said funding.”

Restore the Good Life Initiative # 10

“News media sources that accept as part of their revenue, funds from any institution or organization that is funded by or controlled by the CCP or any other government hostile to the USA, will not be authorized to have press privileges in the State of Nebraska. This includes the ability to broadcast their news services to our public schools.”
Some of our UNL people will not like this initiative. CNN will not be broadcasting in our schools every morning.

OH YES! For those who did not know. In many Nebraska schools, CNN is the ONLY authorized News service.
If you have not yet left me your county name to sign initiatives when I come to your county, please comment down below. If you have commented before and I clicked “like” under your comment, then I have you on my list and you will be contacted before I arrive in your county.

Thank you,
Michael Connely – Restore the Good Life

P.S. Remember we CAN do this. We have the power. Ten minutes of your time and lots of ink from your pen to sign all of my MANY initiatives to fatten up the 2022 ballot and give the people a direct voice.

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