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Month: July 2021

China: Friend or Foe

That should be an easy question to answer. Our computer systems are constantly being hacked. There are rumors of riots being funded by Chinese shell companies. Nearly every court case in the world court is someone against China.Our news media take millions from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), our Universities (even Nebraska) get funding from…
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County Sheriff

Do you know YOUR county sheriff?If you do not, you should. Here is why… When applying for a Nebraska Firearm purchase certificate (generally signed by the Sheriff of the county) I had an interesting conversation with the Sheriff of York County (now retired).He told me that when our Pre-Trump Resident was in office, he got…
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Goodbye, Nebraska Department of Education.

I want it.  YOU want it. #238Goodbye Nebraska Department of EducationLet me remind you of what “Restore the Good Life” Initiatives are all about. Citizens can write laws, jump through a few technical hoops, get LOTS of signatures and have those laws placed on the ballot for people to vote on. That is what I…
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