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About Michael Connely

Michael wants to help Nebraskans. Learn more about him and why he is set on restoring the good life.


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What Makes Michael Connely Different?

Michael is focusing on getting initiatives on the ballot. No matter the outcome for the election, he will still be pushing to make changes in our state.


Initiative Overview

Take a look at all of our proposed initiatives.

Medical Freedom

If you want the jab, get it. If you don’t want the jab, don’t get it. We support complete medical freedom.

Ban CRT in Public Schools

We want our children to be educated, not indoctrinated.

Dissolve the Department of Education

Replace it with the Office of Education which will be smaller, effective, and a wise use of taxpayer money.

Uninhibited 1st Amendment Rights on All Platforms

The first amendment it being threatened in many ways. We support complete first amendment rights.

NBC and EMF Radiation Safety Panel

Research shows the adverse effects of continual radiation exposure. People should know exactly what is affecting them.

Riot and Property Damage Penalties

Being angry does not make damage OK. We support the law when it comes to property destrution during any event.

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